Project profile

SK is committed to creating a brand-new Art Works virtual assets and data asset equity ecology by virtue of blockchain technology and providing more high-quality and accurate solutions for economic development of the Art Works industry. SK formed the bridge between Art Works virtual assets and real world economic value by building the application of DAPP (SK), which is a tokenization Art Works management platform. The user is allowed to receive appropriate token incentives according to the value he/she contributed to the ecosystem of SK by registering in SK and setting the identity type (player or Art Works developer), thereby achieving the decentralized autonomy of the Art Works world.

The innovative double-chain structure based on multi-chain parallel technology is adopted for SK, in which the data link is mainly used to store valuable data of the user to achieve the ownership authentication for data. The assets collection chain is mainly used for Art Works assets co-chain and transaction of Art Works assets, and the interactive ownership authentication for data and assets is realized through cross-chain technology to enable the users master their own data and received the benefits thereby generated. SK will build the bottom-layer operating system for blockchain-oriented Art Works assets, apply core technologies involving the multi-chain parallelism, cross-chain protocol and hybrid consensus mechanism to allow Art Works companies or developers to quickly issue their own parallel public chains based on technology development modules required for calling SK, and realize one-click chain setting and one-stop asset on-chain operations, etc.

SK is based on ERC-20 technology to build the dual-token economic system. SK for asset token is used for transaction and payment applications of assets in the ecology of SK. SK for equity token is used to determine the dividend right of the user contribution value. The user holding SK is entitled to receive the ecological dividend for SK and participate in the ecological governance of SK. SK will set up the 100 billion-level virtual assets transaction platform for Art Workss in the near future.


Main advantages

Four highlights


Award of token incentives based on the value,
Achievable decentralized autonomy in the Art Works world

True and reliable

Innovative double-chain structure adopted,
The users are secured to easily control their assets

Rapid growth

Dual-token economic system
The one hundred billion-level market is boosted effectively

Great potential

Output value of global Art Works industry
has been great than the sum of the film and music industries

Roadmap for product

  • 2019

    Establishment of technical team and SK Foundation

    March 2019

    Development of public chain smart contract and wallet ecosystem

    September 2020

    Internal testing of the wallet ecosystem, with users breaking 100,000, business in Southeast Asia

    December 2020

    Service incubates 100 outstanding cultural industries and enterprises in the world

    February 2021

    Dazzling SK community, road show promotion at home and abroad

    November 2019

  • 2021

    June 2021

    Incubate 300 cultural enterprises around the world and develop the first Noah's Ark Chain cultural art

    September 2021

    A cultural ecosystem that truly realizes the transition from traditional cultural industries to big data clusters

    The third quarter of 2021

    Mainnet beta, support plan for millions of cultural artwork developers

    Fourth quarter of 2021

    Mainnet launches, SK launches more global mainstream exchanges

Core team

Basil kasseo


Founder of SK
Senior JavaScript developer
Early participant of Bitcoin

Alfred J. Gomez


Bachelor of computer engineering and master of management
Nineteen years of management experience
6 Six years of Bitcoin and blockchain experience

James V. Ramos

Chief technology officer

Senior blockchain product manager and technical director
Ever led the development of well-known Changelley, Guarda and participated in the development of Chathis.com


Legal adviser

Chinese and American lawyer with nearly 10 years of experience in the laws for interSKional taxation, transSKional enterprise investment, IT / media, real estate, mergers and acquisitions(M&A), finance, financial technology, cryptocurrency and other aspects, and are especially skilled at the consultations for corporate law, financial law and new economic legal system.


Security Adviser

Expert in the network security and big data mining, founder of European Blockchain Association, co-founder and CEO of SafeCloud, Switzerland (focus on solutions for privacy security software), ever served as special researcher of INESC TEC, focuses on distributed system, large-scale data storage, distribution coordiSKion, security database and privacy protection technologies.